• Jackie Tan

    Jackie Tan

    Enjoy learning, coding, solving, thinking and exploring different approaches in Data Science and Machine Learning.

  • Andreas Koch

    Andreas Koch

  • muffaddal qutbuddin

    muffaddal qutbuddin

    Muffaddal has 3.5 years of experience working with web analytics and user behavior data. ❄ https://www.linkedin.com/in/muffaddal-qutbuddin/❄

  • Mukul Singhal

    Mukul Singhal

    Freelance Blogger & Content Curator.

  • Darren Lim

    Darren Lim

    Writing about data and business — Business Analytics in NUS Computing | University’s Scholars’ Programme.

  • Tan Wang Joo

    Tan Wang Joo

  • Travis Tang

    Travis Tang

    A Data Analyst in Tech from Singapore. linkedin.com/in/travistang | travistang.com

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